A New Leash on Life: A Remedy For Healing After Loss

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind self-help workbook for kids and families dealing with grief and loss. 

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Midas, the lovable golden retriever teaches children how to work through losses and grief by telling his story. Children have the opportunity to complete activities with Midas throughout the book.

A New Leash on Life: A Remedy for Healing After Loss is an amazing resource for parents and care givers to help their children when life gets ruff. The colourful pictures, sweet story and fun workbook is sure to have a lasting impact. The process can be used over and over again!

The author, Donna Kutzner is a certified Edu-Therapist, mediator and life-coachwho has dedicated her life to healing broken hearts. This book was initially created for children, but since it's release adults have also expressed the impact it has had on them too!

Midas' purpose is to mend broken hearts, champion our children, and shine a light where there is darkness. This book is a must read for anyone dealing with grief and loss.

What Other's Are Saying

Review - Jack Magnus

"This book is an outstanding interactive workbook for healing from grief and loss. I marveled as I followed this loving and perceptive dog as he healed himself and showed the way for readers to do likewise. This is a beautiful book with lovely illustrations that offers real, nonjudgmental and effective healing strategies for those who’ve suffered losses. I loved the interactive activities that are found throughout it and found them to be quite helpful in fully understanding the concepts covered. A New Leash on Life: A Remedy for Healing After Loss is most highly recommended."

Review - Kayti Nika Raet

"This is a sweet self-help book led by Midas, a feisty puppy. Perfect for young readers, Midas is a gentle guide who teaches valuable lessons about life, death, abandonment and emotional well being. Donna Kutzner keeps the focus on healing and growth throughout. A New Leash on Life reads with a tone that is introspective and genuine but each chapter carries a lot of emotional impact. Donna Kutzner uses a minimalist but fun approach and manages to make Midas relatable and helpful. Young readers will easily empathize with his doggy adventures and laugh at some of the puns peppered throughout. A New Leash on Life is a simple yet powerful collection of words and images that is sure to stay with the reader long after the last page is turned. A warm and much-needed guide."-Kayti Nika Raet

What Children are Saying

"After reading this book, I have learned that I can use my life experiences to connect to others and relate to the things they have lost. I also learned how to keep the memories of my dad and how to let go of the hurt of losing him."-Brooklyn (age 13) 

"This book helped me feel more open and not as stuck on the past. I found out that there are ways I can work through my sadness and be happier with my life."-Haley (age 11).

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