Donna Kutzner

  • What Brings You Joy?

    The best light of all is when I look into children's eyes and see them sparkle.
  • Feeling Checks

    How to show a child you are interested in what they have to say!
  • Sympathy vs. Empathy

    Donna talks about empathy vs sympathy, and how to focus on showing empathy towards your child.
  • Window of your heart

    "A New Leash on Life", a remedy for healing after loss, is a book designed to help you see through the shattered glass.
  • Seeds of Potential

    Donna's thought for the day on discovering your child's potential!

  • A New Leash on Life: A Remedy for Healing After Loss Video

    A heartwarming video that explains why helping our children cope with grief and loss is so important to us! Thank you to the children in this video who shared their hearts with us. All three have endured heartbreaking loss, and it is amazing to see how they have overcome them and grown into profoundly powerful kids!